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GoTechGirl introduces female students to trades

In Technology on March 4, 2011 at 7:26 am

A special day-camp intended to attract prospective female students to technology and engineering programs offered at the college was held Nov. 6.

Around 20 grade eight to 12 female students attended Algonquin’s GoTechGirl day-camp.

“We’re running [the day camp] because we want to increase the enrolment of women in our technology programs,” electronics technology professor Kathryn Reilander said.

Algonquin has 33 full-time programs in the school of Advanced Trades, but the day-camp focused on Algonquin’s electrical engineering and civil engineering technology programs.

The day began with a presentation on technology programs at Algonquin and a speech from a guest speaker from Skills Canada.

The attendees then split into three groups, with some taking a guided tour of the college, others going to an electrical lab, where they worked on completing a light-bulb circuit, and the third group performing tensile tests to determine the strength of materials like dental floss and pasta, in a construction classroom.

With a little guidance, the students succeeded in the experiments.

“It’s going really well,” professor of electrical trades Laurie Anne Renwick said. “Everyone’s switch has worked.”

Students seemed happy with their experience at GoTechGirl.

“It’s hands on – my type of thing. And [Algonquin College] has everything,” Grade 12 student Kerenah Lubienga said.

According to marketing officer for the faculty of technology and trades Glenn MacDonald, it is likely the college will host a similar event around the same time next year.

The University of Ottawa and Carleton University hold similar events under the name GoEngGirl.


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