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Bloess wins in landslide

In News on March 4, 2011 at 6:58 am


Written for the Ottawa Sun

Incumbent Rainer Bloess was re-elected as councillor of Ward two: Innes in yesterday’s municipal elections.

The now four-term councillor beat second place Keith Jansa by a large margin, with Christopher Fraser and Roger Furmanczyk finishing well behind.

Bloess led right from the start when election results started coming in around 8:00 p.m.

“The voters re-elected me with 70 some-odd per cent tonight, so I think that’s a form of recognition that what I’m doing out here is the right thing,” Bloess said.

One of the first things he hopes to accomplish is to accelerate the light rail transit development plan.

“The time frames that we have on the table right now are far to stretched out and I think we have to challenge our staff to make it happen quicker,” Bloess said. “And I think to make it come to the east end quicker. Yes, Blair is the first stop, but it’s got to go beyond that and certainly we intend to push hard for that.”

When asked about working with newly elected mayor Jim Watson, Bloess said, “I think he has a conciliatory style. I think he understands what our needs are in the east end and I look forward to working with him.”

The mood was jubilant in the rented room at the Hornet’s Nest sport complex that played host to Bloess’ election party.

“He looks after his ward well,” campaign supporter Li Wong said. “It is like he knows and cares about everybody.”

Speaking from a local resident’s house, runner-up Keith Jansa sounded disappointed in defeat.

“It was a great run, all efforts were made,” Jansa said. “I definitely want to send out thanks to my wife and campaign supporters. I know that running against an incumbent is always an uphill battle.”

Asked if he would run again, Jansa said: “I haven’t made the decision yet; it’s four years away, so I’ll give it some thought and take it from there.”

After this term, will the re-elected Bloess run again?

“Ask me in a week, ask me tomorrow morning,” Bloess said. “I need a good night’s rest.”


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